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Meet our digital warriors who never settle for anything less


He sets our visions and lays out well-thought-out business plans for brands. When we have a creative block or we want samosas, We turn to him.


He oversees the Operation department & client conditioning. He nails at pitches & is obsessed with the word “Hanji”. Can literally sell a comb to a bald person.


He heads the Online Advertising Department and Often says “Sorted Hai” when client approves something. Might be thinking about dark web right now.


SEO and project management are her bayen haath ka khel. She walks & talks like a machine. Will get pissed if your desk is messed up.


Personally, she doesn’t like talking to everyone but when it comes to convincing clients she aces the game. Says koi coffee piyega kya? 5 times a day.


Loves to make systematic content calendars & work on them. Will do your work if you say Pleaseeee..!! She & our lemon tea wale bhaiya are buddies.


Got designers on her speed dial. Keeping the feed aesthetics & cracking knock-knock jokes is her personality trait.


Treats his system like an infant baccha, and often makes faces when he sees a bad color-graded video.


Often find humor while doing 252728th change given by the client but gets angry when you point a camera at him.


He is designer team ka silent assassin. Says “only” thrice in a one-liner sentence.


If we want a reel to be edited Abhi ke Abhi, He will work even overtime but make sure it’s done.


She writes Hindi better than we speak it. Sticky notes are her best friends & she loves both chai & charcha.


She smiles on monday morning even after doing social media manager’s duties on weekend.


If you ask for 2 copies she will come up with 4 !! She is either too busy writing emails or telling about a book she recently read.


Hiring, training, team well-being she manages it all with a smile on her face. Is Adored by everyone & often says“thodi excitement dikhao yaar”


Designer in the day, content writer in the night and Gk tutor for UPSC students in the evening are some creative rups that he plays & nails them all.


Handles every social media page with the same enthusiasm. Finding smart ways to do the same mundane things is his strength.


When it comes to negotiate contracts with the aim of maximising profits He is always on a call


She is rarely bored alone. Figma and her laptop are her choices of weapon & can make ekdum ditto sketch of a scene within minutes.


Chanchal manages the automated process within multi-faceted marketing campaigns Contrary to her name she is the calmest one of all.


No one can beat him When it comes to shooting cinematic videos & editing. Have 1 question which goes like“Yaar yeh logo kha place krna hai”

Together as a team, we create experiences used and loved by millions of people every day.

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