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It is a psychological phenomenon

It is a psychological phenomenon that whenever we are conversing with someone, we will try to bring in topics that the other person won’t know much about. This way, we usually try to establish our intellectual dominion over others by claiming that we know something that they don’t. This is known as the psychology of bragging. Psychologists have explored the question of why one brags? And, more often than not, is related to the idea of power. 

Bragging works in marketing as well. People will often talk about brands, products, businesses, or services that are new and modern in the market. Plus, they aren’t well known. This way, people often try to drive the conversation towards something that they know and others aren’t aware of.  This is a form of word-of-mouth marketing. Businesses conduct hundreds of marketing experiments to understand how they can become a part of these marketing gossips. We generally like to call it “gossip marketing.”

Although, word of mouth is one of the oldest methods of marketing. But, it keeps changing from time to time. The psychology of bragging is playing a very pivotal role in modern-day word-of-mouth marketing. Businesses can capitalize on this by evolving into modern, sophisticated brands that people like to “gossip” about. 

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